Advantages Of Having a Dog Harness

18 Jan

 Regardless of the size of the dog that you own, it would be best to walk your dog with a dog harness- especially with dogs who like to pull during his walks as compared to the standard collar and leash that has been used for ages. A lot of dog owners prefer to use dog harnesses since you do not have to wrap it around the dog's neck, therefore, giving the dog the comfort that it should have while securing its safety as well. Dog harness is safe to use especially with a medium sized breed of dogs who likes to pull during their walk making them prone to any injuries in the neck as well as in the throat. A well-made dog harness has a lot of benefits that you should take into consideration especially if you think that a dog collar is too restrictive for your pet.

If you are going to use the traditional collar, you should always remember that it is going to wrap around the throat and the neck of your pet. To prevent the dog from straying, there is a tendency for you to pull the leash which may cause severe damage to the neck and the throat of the animal especially if it has a weak trachea or has an injury brought about by the yanking of the leash. Your dog's chest and ribcage can be secured with a tight fit of the dog harness which will lessen your worry of having to cause injury with your dog by the use of a dog collar so it would be best if you are able to avoid any contact of the neck and the throat of your dog. The dog harness is actually very easy to use since all you have to do is to attach it to the dog's body, hook up the leash and you and your dog are now good to go. Find the best puppia harness or check out this pug harness.

There are dog types with large necks and small heads that can be hard to walk with only a collar on since it will easily slip from its head that is why dog harnesses are very useful with these types of dogs. If your dog belongs to those who keep on escaping his collar, it would be better for you to use a dog harness to keep it secure and in place especially when taking your walks. Dog harness are made from different materials such as nylon, fabric, and leather, and they come in different sizes and designs.

The traditional collar is not preferable to use in some breeds of dog even if it is the sole discretion of the owner to use a dog harness or not. A dog harness is after all, very beneficial to dogs with small stature and fragile necks and throats. You can read more on this here:

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